Azumi by Altus Model AZ-2

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Sterling Silver (.925) handcut Z-CUT Altus headjoint, silver plated body and keys, French (open hole), pointed key arms, stainless steel springs, Altus/Bennett scale, offset G, B footjoint, Optional Split E mechanism

Azumi flutes, designed by Altus founder Shichi Tanaka and named for the mountainous region of Azumino, Japan, showcase the tradition and beauty for which the flute makers of Japan are recognized and celebrated. Both the Azumi AZ2 and AZ3 model flutes offered by The Flute Loft come with the Altus Z-Cut headjoint that is versatile and allows any player to sound mature and expressive. The actioin Azumi logo responds fluidly and effortlessly, making it easy to focus on the music.

A distinctive feature of the Azumi flute is the Altus Handmade Z-Cut Professional headjoint that is crafted with a more rectangular embouchure hole with minimal over and undercutting. Its sound is open, expressive, and rich; able to produce a variety of tone colors.