Bernhard Hammig Headjoints


Silver Headjoints—Deep, Shimmering and Responsive

Bernhard Hammig has experimented with many blends of silver to find the perfect balance of projection and resonance. The 94.5% silver blend, which has more silver than sterling, compliments the rest of the design, yielding a headjoint which is expressive, flexible, projecting, and responsive.

Like all of Hammig’s headjoints, these are completely handcrafted-- the painstaking amount of finishing work, especially in the embouchure hole, becomes obvious from the very first time you play them.

ALL headjoints come standard with the Magic Crown. Available options include a 14k red gold lip plate and/or a 14k red gold riser. Audition Bernhard Hammig silver headjoints and see why people are calling them “A Different Kind of Dark”.

9k Gold - Powerfull, solid, colorful

The 9k gold headjoint import has a high copper content; so much so that it is called “red gold”. The European blended gold then goes through Hammig’s proprietary metal working process, a headjoint can then be created which connects you to the music. The 9k headjoint comes standard with a Magic Crown, but you may also audition it with any gold crown.

14k Gold - lush, responsive, yet refined

The 14 gold headjoint has a flexibility that allows it to be the choice of both the orchestral flutist, chamber musician, and soloist. It offers warm, rich sounds, that project while never sounding harsh.

Hybrid Headjoints

In experimenting with materials, Bernhard Hammig has created a silver alloy which contains 15% gold. When this material is then hand worked, forming a headjoint within precise tolerances, it emerges as a musical tool, providing the best of both worlds: the color and depth of gold with the floating shimmer of silver.

If you have been contemplating a silver headjoint with a gold riser, we encourage you to audition the 15% gold alloy hybrid headjoint.



All Bernhard Hammig flutes come with a 3-day trial period. Call Bill Hutzel at (908) 500-6690 to make arrangements to try one.


All head joints come standard with a Magic Crown.