• Bernhard Hammig Mezzo Flutes


    Mezzo by Bernhard Hammig: Affordable German Perfection

    Bernhard Hammig's flutes are all created to be tools to sculpture the air: made by flutists for flutists, we know what type of instrument you are looking for at each stage of your career.

    "It is to be seen as an artists instrument, which offers the musician an abundance of possibilities and variety. The tone is colorful and even. The tuning is also judged to be a great success, particularly in the problem area of C - C# and in the third octave. The instrumebt has strong, immediate appeal and is easy to play." The judgment of the jury.

    The concept behind Mezzo was simple: make a flute with the same tonal character and flexibility as the Bernhard Hammig Custom instruments, but at a price point for the growing serious flutist.

    Bringing this idea into reality was much harder: the only way was to use the same headjoint found on Bernhard Hammig's custom instruments, then match it to a body co-designed by Bernhard Hammig and Jason Blank.

    Each Mezzo flute comes standard with a handmade 94.5% silver headjoint; however, all flutes can be paired with any of Bernhard Hammig's headjoints as an upgrade. The headjoints are also available to purchase separately. All Mezzo flutes are handmade. Unlike Bernhard Hammig's competitors in this price range, the NEW Mezzo 2 MK II flute has a 95% silver body instead of 92.5% sterling. This is a higher grade of silver.  

    The flutes have professional features: in tune scale, double rings on the footjoint, and synthetic resonators. All Bernhard Hammig flute headjoints come standard with a Rhodium bonded Magic Crown.  


    All Bernhard Hammig flutes come with a 3-day trial period. Call Bill Hutzel at (908) 500-6690 to make arrangements to try one.


    All products come with a one year non-transferable manufacture's warranty, covering all defect in materials and workmanship. Proof of purchase from an authorized dealer is required. In addition, all work must be done through either Bernhard Hammig North American's Boston workshop, or through one of our approved facilities.