Di Zhao DZ200 Student Flute

$925.00 $649.00
The DZ-200COA model flute by Di Zhao is a beginner flute, and in my opinion the best student flute available with a traditional straight head joint and C-foot.  It is a closed hole flute.

For the beginner with small arms who wishes the benefit of a full sized flute, a curved head joint option is also available in addition to the straight headjoint that comes with the DZ200COA flute.  The curved head joint is used instead of the straight head joint until the student can comfortably manage a full sized flute. Typically, this option is used by students ages 6 through 9.


  • Semi-handmade
  • Silver plated body, footjoint and keys
  • Silver plated hand cut head joint with a silver riser
  • Closed hole
  • C-footjoint
  • Wood cleaning rod
  • Faux leather hardwood slimline case
  • Case cover with carrying shoulder strap
  • Microfiber polishing cloth



The DZ200 and DZ700 are the best student and intermediate flutes thatI have ever played.
- World-renowned flutist Paul Fried