• Di Zhao DZ-300 Intermediate Step Up Flute

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    There is only 1 item left in stock.


    The DZ-300 is a superb step-up flute equal to or superior to instruments costing two to three times more. Each head joint is hand carved with undercuts and overcuts making it easy to produce a full sound and easy to play. 


    • Semi-handmade
    • Silver plated body, footjoint and keys
    • Silver plated hand cut head joint with a sterling silver lip plate and riser
    • Available with or without split E mechanism
    • French (open hole) ... includes a set of 5 open hole plugs
    • B-footjoint
    • Wood cleaning rod
    • Faux leather hardwood slimline case
    • Case cover with carrying shoulder strap
    • Microfiber polishing cloth

    Di Zhao flutes are equal to or superior to instruments costing two to three times more. Each head joint is hand carved with undercuts and overcuts making them easy to produce a full sound and easy to play. Steven Wasser, owner of Powell, said of Di Zhao - “Zhao has outstanding skills as a flute and headjoint maker” … Posted: February, 2007, Entrepreneur Media, Inc. Each instrument is semi-handmade in that each key is individually hand fitted for a precise fit without the side to side play found in machine made flute mechanisms. All pads are partially shimmed, a process that is employed only for professional flutes. Every flute is made to achieve smooth key action, fast response, and excellent resonance. Master flute maker, Di Zhao tests and adjusts each instrument in the same manner that the top professional flutes in the U.S. are tested. All flutes are tuned to pitch 442.


    I just bought one of these last semester for one of my graduate flute minors from South America who did not have a decent flute. He LOVES it. I also wanted to have something as a backup for students whose flutes are currently in repair. I have to admit, I was very skeptical about these flutes but they really do play like a professional model.  If something happened to both of my Powells I would not hesitate to play on this flute. It is my understanding that these are made by someone who used to work for Powell. I tried one at a Fall Flute Fling at UWV last year and could not believe the quality for such a low price.
    - posted on The Flute Loft's facebook timeline January, 2013 .... Dr. Katherine Kemler, Charles and Mary Barr Alumni Professor of Flute, Louisiana State University


    I can honestly say that the quality of this instrument never ceases to amaze me. Every time I pick it up I am reminded of what a finely crafted flute this is. The mechanism is absolutely flawless; I've compared the feel of this flute to that of my professional model Burkart on several occasions. Everyone who I let play my Di Zhao agrees that it feels like a professional level instrument -- and the best part is, it's only a fraction of the price! It has great projection in all registers and moves fluidly between them. It's an absolute joy to play, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a professional feel and sound at a downright affordable price. Teachers should absolutely suggest this to students who are looking for a great intermediate level instrument.
    -  Posted February 17. 2010 … Corrine Shirk, music major at Ithaca College

    As a professional flutist and teacher of many flutists, I have recently recommended DiZhao flutes to everyone. Many of my students own one and love the sound and the response they get. The pitch is terrific and the projection is amazing. The sound of the DiZhao flute is equal to that of flutes costing three times more. Even beginners can produce a low C on the first try, and third octave notes! This is a huge secret about to explode upon the flute scene.
    - Ronna Ayscue, Principal Flutist, Bay-Atlantic Symphony and past President of the Flute Society of Greater Philadelphia.