• Di Zhao 600/701 (NEW) Intermediate-Advanced flute

    $2,934.00 $2,400.00

    Sterling silver hand carved headjoint, sterling silver body and footjoint, silver plated keys, French (open hole), B footjoint.  Available also with 10K or 14K gold riser option.

    The DZ-600/701 is a very competitively priced advanced flute, equal to or superior to instruments costing two to three times more. Each head joint is hand cut with undercuts and overcuts making it easy to produce a full sound, and that is easy to play. 


    • Semi-handmade
    • Sterling silver hand carved head joint
    • Sterling silver body and footjoint
    • Silver-plated key mechanism
    • Available with or without split E mechanism
    • French (open hole)
    • B-footjoint
    • Wood cleaning rod
    • Faux leather hardwood slimline case
    • Case cover with carrying shoulder strap
    • Microfiber polishing cloth

    Steven Wasser, owner of Powell, said of Di Zhao - “Zhao has outstanding skills as a flute and headjoint maker” … Posted: February, 2007, Entrepreneur Media, Inc. Each instrument is semi-handmade in that each key is individually hand fitted for a precise fit without the side to side play found in machine made flute mechanisms. All pads are partially shimmed, a process that is employed only for professional flutes. Every flute is made to achieve smooth key action, fast response, and excellent resonance. Master flute maker, Di Zhao tests and adjusts each instrument in the same manner that the top professional flutes in the U.S. are tested. All flutes are tuned to pitch 442.


    From Yahoo /answers.yahoo.com Forum – Mamianka writes:   
    DiZhao has only representation by quality FLUTE dealers - not by BigBox band instrument stores ..... For the amount of *flute* you get for this incredibly fair price - be grateful, and grab one before there is a huge waiting list.    

    "When I heard about these flutes from an acquaintance, I called Di Zhao Flutes in Boston to try these instruments. These flutes are in my opinion, unsurpassed in craftsmanship and tonal quality for the price, both for the beginner and the advanced performer" - Frank Zamboni, flute repair professional, Rye Brook, NY  

    "Di Zhao's key work is clean and precise. The key mechanism is stable and well made; the keywork is flawless" - a New Jersey based flute repair professional

    Ever wonder why you can’t find a used Di Zhao 600 or 700 model flute on Ebay or other popular used flutes website?  I will tell you why.  It is because they are just that good! They are as good as you have heard them to be, and no one is parting with them. Di Zhao, previously the master flute maker for Powell has reinvented the quality and beauty of the Powell flute, but at a considerably lower price point. I personally own and play Di Zhao flutes. - Bill Hutzel, Owner of The Flute Loft