• Di Zhao DZ-100 Debut Model Flute

    $999.00 $650.00

    If you are budget minded, the DZ-100 "Debut" model flute by Di Zhao is a wonderful sounding flute which is easy to play and is free-blowing in all octaves. It is unlike any other entry level flute in that the DZ-100 is hand finished with partially shimmed keys and hand padded with Pisoni pads just like the more expensive Di Zhao flutes. Di Zhao's signature hand carved headjoint also places this flute far above the competition. Just listen below to the video link.


    • Silver plated body, footjoint and keys
    • Silver plated hand cut head joint 
    • Closed hole
    • Offset G key
    • C-foot
    • Pisoni pads
    • Partially shimmed keys
    • Wood cleaning rod and cloth
    • Microfiber polishing cloth
    • Hard plastic case included
    • 5-year manufacturer's warranty against defects

    * The 200 series flute being played in the video above is the same as the new DZ-100. The only difference is now the newest DZ-200 headjoint has been upgraded with a sterling silver lip plate and riser. The performer in the video would like you to believe that her Di Zhao entry level flute is a professional flute. It sure sounds like it!

    For the beginner with small arms who wishes the benefit of a full sized flute, a curved head joint option is also available in addition to the straight headjoint that comes with the DZ-100 COA flute.  The curved head joint is used instead of the straight head joint until the student can comfortably manage a full sized flute. Typically, this option is used by students ages 6 through 9.