• Di Zhao DZ-100 Student Flute

    $795.00 $454.00

    If you are budget minded, the DZ-100 "Debut" model flute by Di Zhao is a wonderful sounding flute, easy to play and with great projection. It is similar to the DZ-200 model flute. The main difference between the 100 and the 200 model is that the upgrade DZ-200 flute has a silver-riser headjoint.  Both are semi-handmade. 

    For the beginner with small arms who wishes the benefit of a full sized flute, a curved head joint option is also available in addition to the straight headjoint that comes with the DZ-100 COA flute.  The curved head joint is used instead of the straight head joint until the student can comfortably manage a full sized flute. Typically, this option is used by students ages 6 through 9.


    • Silver plated body, footjoint and keys
    • Silver plated hand cut head joint 
    • Closed hole
    • C-footjoint
    • Wood cleaning rod
    • Microfiber polishing cloth