• Di Zhao D-Series Professional handmade flute


    Di Zhao Boston Handmade Flutes

    Producing some of the finest semi-handmade student to advanced flutes in the world, renowned flute maker Di Zhao now offers his Boston handmade flutes. Here is what one person wrote to me - "Zhao has reinvented the quality and beauty of vintage Powell flutes, but at a considerably lower price-point."

    Boston handmade flutes at a considerably lower price-point!  

    • Offset or Inline G key
    • Sterling silver hand carved headjoint (14 carat gold riser head joint optional with a Bernhard Hammig Magic Crown in rhodium or gold)
    • Sterling silver body, footjoint and keys
    • French open hole
    • Pointed key arms
    • 10k white gold springs
    • B-footjoint
    • Drawn tone holes

    Call to audition one of these finely handmade flutes made in Boston by Di Zhao.   PLEASE CALL TO ORDER.
    Steven Wasser, owner of Powell, said of Di Zhao - “Zhao has outstanding skills as a flute and headjoint maker” … Posted: February, 2007, Entrepreneur Media, Inc.  Each instrument is completely handmade in the Boston tradition in that each key is individually hand fitted for a precise fit without the side to side play found in machine made flute mechanisms. All pads are partially shimmed. Every flute is made to achieve smooth key action, fast response, and excellent resonance.  All flutes are tuned to pitch 442.


     "Zhao has reinvented the quality and beauty of vintage Powell flutes, but at a considerably lower price-point. It is my hope that the price stays well below that of the other Boston flutemakers", said one customer.

    When Di Zhao sent me the price list, I immediately called him and asked him what the customer price was, thinking that the price points that he sent me were dealer cost. "These are the customer prices" he said. I was not only astounded by the prices, but genuinely pleased that he was offering a professional flute that was affordable. - Bill Hutzel, Owner of The Flute Loft