• Di Zhao Mini Di Beginner Flute

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    The Di Zhao MiniDi is a flute designed for beginner flute students. It has a handcut head joint and is designed for children with small hands or those who cannot support the size of full sized flute. The MiniDi has a curved head joint and no foot joint. It also has a big sound!

    The MiniDi flute by Di Zhao has amazing projection of sound, and is wonderful for pre-school, kindergarten, or generally for children with very small hands who would otherwise not be able to manage a full sized flute. You will be amazed at the sound! Listen below to Keith Underwood playing this pixie sized flute.  The MiniDi by Di Zhao was also made as the Green Golly Pixie by Di Zhao to market the Green Golly Project initiative.  (Expand the description frame below to read the reviews)


    Thank you Bill! We're both loving our new instruments! Maddy has worked with her headjoint mostly – still learning how to get a sound out of it, but she's having her successes. She was able to get a straight tone out this evening ......... I personally love the sound of the MiniDi and have enjoyed practicing some of my flute choir parts on it – I'm delighted with its responsiveness. I love my piccolo too! It really is exactly what I was looking for and the price was just right. - Posted February 22, 2011 … Gail Maas, Virginia 

    Thanks Bill for the mini D flute. It is great and my flute student is doing very well on it. The C flute with a curved head was too long and heavy for my 6 year old student. Di Zhao flutes are great!! - Janeanne Wantz, Pennsylvania

    Pictured is Ronna Ayscue performing J.S. Bach Sonata in C Major on a "MiniDi" model flute by Di Zhao at the Mid-Atlantic Flute Fair. She said "Even the small flutes by Di Zhao, without a foot joint, have a strong presence and can handle virtuosic passages of music. The curved <br>head joint has a gorgeous sound, and I played concertos on it and orchestra music on it.&nbsp; I strongly recommend it to teachers with small students!"