• Di Zhao flute model 700/801 (NEW)

    $3,513.00 $2,800.00


    Sterling silver hand-carved headjoint, sterling silver body and footjoint, silver plated keys, French (open-hole), pointed key arms, offset G key. The DZ-700 advanced flute with pointed key arms is the equal of or superior to instruments costing two to three times more. Each head joint is hand carved with undercuts and overcuts which make it easy to produce a full and beautiful sound.  An optional 10K or 14K gold riser may be added. Comes with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty.



    • Semi-handmade
    • Sterling silver hand carved head joint
    • Sterling silver body and footjoint
    • Silver-plated key mechanism
    • Available with or without split E mechanism
    • French (open hole)
    • B-footjoint
    • Wood cleaning rod
    • Hardwood slimline case
    • Case cover with carrying shoulder strap
    • Microfiber polishing cloth

    Steven Wasser, owner of Powell, said of Di Zhao - “Zhao has outstanding skills as a flute and headjoint maker” … Posted: February, 2007, Entrepreneur Media, Inc. Each instrument is semi-handmade in that each key is individually hand fitted for a precise fit without the side to side play found in machine made flute mechanisms. All pads are partially shimmed, a process that is employed only for professional flutes. Every flute is made to achieve smooth key action, fast response, and excellent resonance. Master flute maker, Di Zhao tests and adjusts each instrument in the same manner that the top professional flutes in the U.S. are tested. All flutes are tuned to pitch 442.


    The DZ700 is the best intermediate flute I have ever played.
    - World-renowned flutist Paul Fried


    When I heard about these flutes from an acquaintance, I called Di Zhao Flutes in Boston to try these instruments. These flutes are in my opinion,unsurpassed in craftsmanship and tonal quality for the price, both for the beginner and advanced performer. -  March, 2010 … Frank Zamboni, Flute Repair, Rye Brook, NY


    “Di Zhao has over 20 years of flute-making expertise and knowledge. He worked for Powell as a headjoint cutter, stringer, padder, and tester,” commented Wasser.  Zhao has
    outstanding skills as a flute and headjoint maker. He fully understands the Powell Sound and Powell's rigorous quality standards." 
    Posted Feb. 2007 … Entrepreneur Media, Inc

    May, 2011 email to The Flute Loft - "this is an amazing flute" (referring to a DZ-700 model flute with D# roller and gold riser head joint). "Hayley has become an entirely new flutist with this instrument. There is a day and night change in the maturity and intelligence of Hayley's playing. She finally sounds musical and her sound is off the chart. She loves the flute and feels incredibly motivated with this instrument. Thanks so much for working with her and guiding her in the right direction. I will of course continue to recommend you and Di Zhao to my students. Thanks so much."   - 
    Karen Purpura, Ridgewood Conservatory of Music


    Dear Mr. Hutzel,
    Thank you so much for sending me such an amazing flute. I think it was meant to be. I love it so, so much and am rapidly improving. This flute is definitely a gift. Thank you for your generosity and for inspiring my dream. -
    Tian Tian, Seattle, Washington

    From a Flute Loft customer to a colleague

    I purchased my DZ 700 from Bill Hutzel of The Flute Loft. I had a Powell that was destroyed and since Di Zhao worked for Powell Flutes and made the Powell flutes from the bottom up, I wanted to try that flute. Di also had the unique opportunity to work for Haynes at the same time. Bill sent me the model that I play today. It felt and responded so much like my Powell that I was at home with it instantly. It like many other models from many other companies are partly made in China. You should know that if you have a concern on that issue. What American made models I have tried do not come up to the standard of the old Powell that I knew (or old Haynes for that matter). The ones that are good enough are in the $10,000 - $12,000 range. I do not have that money to replace my old flute. Nor do I have the time to wait through a long waiting period (of several years) to get one of that quality. So I felt for that price for a flute that played that well it was a good buy. Bill stands by the flutes he gets directly from Di Zhao. The lady that got her bass flute when she was in our flute choir, got it from Bill and Herman got his bass flute from Bill as well.  You may want to check this out further. I suggest you call Bill and talk with him personally, he will be most glad to talk to you I am sure and help you out as much as he can.  
    Hope this helps,


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