• Di Zhao DZ-200 Series Beginner and Step-Up Flutes

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    The DZ-200 series flutes are handmade and in my opinion the best student flutes available with a traditional straight head joint and C-foot. They are available in closed hole or open hole.

    NEW! All 200 series model flutes now come with a silver plated handcut headjoint and a sterling silver lip plate and riser. 

    For the beginner with small arms who wishes the benefit of a full sized flute, a curved head joint option is also available in addition to the straight head joint that comes with the DZ200 or DZ201 model Di Zhao flutes.  The curved head joint is used instead of the straight head joint until the student can comfortably manage a full sized flute. Typically, this option is used by students ages 6 through 9.


    • Semi-handmade
    • Silver plated nickel silver body, foot joint and keys
    • Silver plated hand cut head joint with sterling silver lip plate and riser (on straight headjoint only) 
    • Closed hole or Open hole
    • C-foot
    • Pisoni pads
    • Partially shimmed pads 
    • Wood cleaning rod
    • Faux leather hardwood slimline case
    • Case cover with carrying shoulder strap
    • Microfiber polishing cloth
    • 5-year manufacturer's warranty against defects


    The DZ200 and DZ700 are the best student and intermediate flutes that I have ever played.
    - World-renowned flutist Paul Fried

    Ay yi yi!

    Will be calling you, she has 55 students.  I went to Cape May today to see her play in a trio and .... Well, took the 201 down, she played a few notes and almost had a baby!  Not kidding!  I let her take my flute to show to her students.  LOL, this is so wild!
    - Geri Rizzo, professional flutist

    Geri Rizzo is a professional flutist and teacher.  She was astounded by the quality of the Di Zhao student model flute and said this of the comparison to her Haynes professional model flute - "I'm at my daughter's and my 16-year old grandson who is very musical, guessed that the DZ-201 was the better flute when I played. He said it sounded stronger".