• Di Zhao DZB-100 Bass Flute

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    The NEWLY DESIGNED DZB-100 bass flute by Di Zhao is now more comfortable to hold since having moved the left-hand keys closer together (similar to a standard C-flute in closeness). A newly designed thumb crutch also makes holding the Di Zhao bass flute more comfortable to hold, where now you can adjust the location of it to accommodate different sized hands. The thumb crutch also fits nicely between the thumb and index finger making it a more comfortable fit than its previous design. Another big improvement is in the placement of the keys on the footjoint, bringing them in closer on the body of the flute reduces hand and arm fatigue. The result of this improvement means less pinky stretch. This is a real plus!. Its low rich notes, extending the range of the flute a full octave below middle C, is also improved with a NEW headjoint design that gives greater projection. - Reviewed January 31, 2017, Bill Hutzel

    The hard case is not only attractive with its faux-leather stitched borders, but it is more durable than its predecessor. Comes with a lock and key and carrying strap.


    Listen to the beautiful sonorida performed on a Di Zhao bass flute in the video below with Sérgio Barrenechea and Richard Miller performed live at the Kennedy Center- Washington, DC, September 1st, 2009. This is a performance of Luis Bonfa's "Black Orpheus / Manha de Carnival".


    Chris Potter, President of the NFA Low Flutes Committee said this of the Di Zhao bass flute - "Bass flute by Di Zhao ... includes trill keys. At this price a bargain!".