• Di Zhao DZP-102 Composite Piccolo

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    The Di Zhao DZP-102 piccolo is a versatile piccolo that has a composite body and composite bubble-style headjoint with profile lip plate, silver-plated keys and split E mechanism. The composite material is made from wood dust and epoxy. This handmade composite body and headjoint can be played indoors or outdoors without the worry of the piccolo cracking in extreme temperatures as with a wooden piccolo.

    You can't beat the price or the quality of this piccolo.  This piccolo is awesome!  I dare you to find another this good. None compare from other manufacturers at two to three times the cost of a Di Zhao DZP-102. 

    "Hello, I've been playing the flute for about 6 years and I've decided that I want to learn the piccolo. I play in a marching band and concert band, and I hear that composite piccolos are less expensive and more durable, which would be great." - Flute Loft customer


    • Handmade composite piccolo
    • Bubble style headjoint with profile lip plate
    • Split E mechanism
    • Easy to play
    • Strong projection in all registers