• Di Zhao DZP-201 Piccolo

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    The Di Zhao DZP-201 piccolo is a grenadilla wood piccolo with silver plated mechanism. I personally own one and find the lows and highs extremely easy to produce and very well in tune. The lowest notes are warm and lush.

    The smooth key action, fast response, and excellent resonance make Di Zhao piccolos stand out from the competition. Each instrument has been tested and adjusted in the U.S. before being shipped to you. The grenadilla wood has been carefully selected, treated and seasoned to resist changes in temperature and humidity.

    Click the run button to listen. Di Zhao grenadilla wood piccolo heard being performed during a performance by Flutatious! of "A Celtic Celebration" by Ricky Lombardo.


    The grenadilla wood piccolo is a superb instrument and, in my opinion is far superior to wood piccolos that are much more expensive. The tone and intonation on the Di Zhao grenadilla wood piccolo is exceptional. I will continue to recommend these fine instruments to my students and colleagues…. Di Zhao flutes and piccolos are definitely ones that all serious students of the flute should keep an eye on! – Nancy Shearer, professional flutist and instuctor, and co-founder of Flutatious!

    I just attended the National Flute Association convention in NYC this weekend. If you have a grand - get the Di Zhao wooden piccolo! He worked for Haynes and Powell and these are getting a LOT of excitement form pros and teachers of advanced students! - Professional flutist, certified and multi-degreed teacher, adjudicator in NY since 1971

    I bought a Di Zhao wood piccolo last year .... it has served me well. It plays as well as piccolos in the $3,000 range. I highly recommend it. - in an email to The Flute Loft

    Hi Bill,
    My student was just here ....they simply loved the piccolo and are definitely going to buy it.I personally was completely blown away! Thanks so much!
    - N.H flute instructor

    Dear Mr. Hutzel,
    Thanks for providing my son with such an exceptional instrument! He is just starting 9th grade and had joinded the concert band at his high school. The director was very interested that he plays the piccolo because their first piece is Vaughn Williams’ English Folk Song Suite and none of the other flutists play piccolo. I know he’ll enjoy playing it for many years to come.
    – N.H. Parent, Sept. 30, 2011